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Religious Venues

Increase membership and attendance from younger generations

Digital signage is the new way to engage visitors for participation increase with multiple sizes and functions available in the market. It can be large displays mounting on the wall or small screens as an interactive kiosk.

Digital Signage enables religious venues to:

  • Promote fundraising events and volunteer opportunities
    Build a stronger community and enhance community engagement
    Think outside the box and transform services from traditional to modern.
    Broadcast sermons live
    Communicate with hearing-impaired members

What can you present with Digital Signage

  • Venue introduction
  • Rebroadcast of Sabbath services
  • Alerts and instructions
  • Directories and wayfinding maps
  • Sermon live
  • Hymns and scriptures
  • Event and activity schedule
  • Check-in and attendance information
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Money well spent on dynamic messaging solution

Compared with traditional promotion strategies, digital signage is more dynamic to showcase movie posters and trailers, ticketing and seating information and other advertisements. It is found that advertising plays a more effective role in cinemas instead of internet or TV.

Digital Signage is a great leverage for cinemas:

  • Displays social media feeds to interest and excite moviegoers
  • Generates revenue from advertising multiple content simultaneously
  • Brings foot traffic and reduce perceive wait time
  • Increase responsiveness and decrease operation costs

What can you present with Digital Signage

  • Advertisements, promotions and special offers
  • Job offers, weather and other information
  • Movie posters and trailers
  • Social media and news feed
  • Ticketing and seating information
  • Timetable and snacks menu 


Engage fans by adopting new technology

Digital Signage can definitely do more. It strives for ultimate fan experience. At the same time, it also shines as a queue management tool, advertising strategy and revenue generator.

Digital signage is a worthy investment because it can:

  • Be interactive to improve backstage communication to avoid mistakes and confusion.
  • Master marketing by customizing on-air ads
  • Fuel excitement of all with eye-catching multimedia files
  • Analyze fan or visitor behaviors for further business goal implementation

What can you present with Digital Signage

  • Wayfinding maps
  • Game and match schedule and result
  • Promotion and special offers for souvenir and gift stores
  • Advertisement and social media feeds
  • Announcements and emergencies
  • Special moment recap


Create an efficient and communicative community

Digital Signage is highly adaptable to government facilities, agencies and institutions – from LegCo and government offices to courts and control points. By installing digital signage equipment, government institutions empowers themselves to share important information and offer superior services to the community.

In addition, digital signage helps:

  • Enrich visitor experience with wayfinding apps and entertaining media files
    Keep the public informed with emergency information, news and latest regulations
    Cut wait times and manage queues wisely
    Enhance internal and cross-departmental communication

What you can present with Digital Signage for Government

  • Automated event listing& Community Events
    Breaking news& Weather Report
    Government policies
    Internal & External Announcements
    Meeting Information& Schedules
    Office hours& Holiday Arrangements
    Outbound Travel Alert

Where you can present Digital Signage for Government

  • Courts and chambers
    Customs and Immigration office
    Fire Services Department
    Government Offices
    Prisons and reception centers
    Public Libraries

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